file Lots of symptoms, don't know what to be worried about (not first timer)

1 year 9 months ago #279826 by Kayp1
This will be my 3rd baby, after 2 premies, and one miscarriage. This is a very latecomer to the family, oldest 14 (girl,32wks, healthy at birth, overnight NICU, home in 4days), youngest 10(boy,30wks,6wkes NICU, anal antresia, ventilator for a week, many surgeries in time that folowed, none for years). They are both super healthy with no complications as they've grown up. I am currently 25 wks pregnant with another girl. I got a McDonald stitch at 15weeks. We are in another province, but my doc knows the history, and assisted my sister as well with a successful pregnancy after she also had 2 premies that did not survive. He is very nice, and I hear only good things. Problem is, this entire pregnancy has been very unpleasant for me. I have had pain and discomfort throughout, no "enjoyable" moments, like you would expect. I know many things are "normal", but I can't help think something is wrong. I did mention to doc, had a list with last apt, but he is happy, baby is growing very well, even though she is already squashed. I know that my previous experiences contribute to me being paranoid. I don't want to run to doc for everything, but also don't want to leave something that should have been checked. I can't afford many tests etc. Here's my symptom/concern list : Severe pain in my right side, just behind ribs and below, sometimes going down to pelvis, shoulder blades (I know also can be normal), like a torn muscle, but this is severe, I can't inhale well, can't lay or sit down properly, does not get better when I do. I had it a while back as well, but contributed to all the coughing from reflux. Last week I have been very nauseous again, and have thrown up couple times. I have had bad reflux throughout, but that has also been worse, and vomit actually burns and tastes bitter and sour at same time. Dr gave me 20 nexium tablets couple of visits ago, but it did not make much difference, so I am using gelacid, which works much better than the gaviscon. Of course this also means sharp pain in mid chest/sternum, I know backache is also normal, but especially in mornings I can barely stand, nevermind walk. It takes a long time to get going. I do make a point of laying on my (left) side, as recommended. I feel weak all the time, not just tired and fatigued, have constant headaches. Each time I have my bloodpressure checked by someone, it is normal, but when I home check (wrist monitor), it is very low (95 and below,usually 80's/65 and below). At my last apt monday, doc said BP is bit higher than usual, not much, but he checked again after exam, and said see, it's normal now, but I don't know what the reading was. Generally I have "perfect bloodpressure"). I had a severe rash, actually hives all over my face 2 weeks ago, kind of hives I get from shelfish, bit no tight chest, just itching and burning, and hives. Went to pharmacy, they gave me allergex ointment. All I had before then was a banana and an apple, no creams either. I have been itchy all over for some time, mentioned to doc, he requested liver function and bile acid bloodwork, but lab phoned me following day saying they require upfront cash payment, which I don't have. Mainly my face, neck, forearms, hands-top and palms, between fingers, thighs, mid calf and down, and sides of feet, top of toes are itchy.
Baby is generally very, very busy. Past saturday baby's movements reduced drastically on sturday, I got very worried, but in the evening started feeling very light movements, so waited, as I had apt on monday. Was the same sunday, little more monday. Doc was ok with wovement, but said if it happens again I must come right away. I just feel really crappy, to be honest. I phoned twice previously with questions/concern, and doc's "ladies" just said "I don't know, go to your GP". She had me in tears once, my colleague was very concerned, so I'm actually too scared to just phone in. Please advise.

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