file Is it okay to give my baby both breast milk and formula?

1 year 11 months ago #279332 by Moomie Moderator
Q: My baby is 3 weeks old. I had mastitis which led to milk filled cysts.. which I now have to get drained every 3 days as they keep refilling and I'm currently on antibiotics. Hoping it clears soon. This has resulted in low milk supply so I do the occasional formula top up.

Sister Hettie: I am so sorry about your mastitis and low milk supply It is perfectly ok to give formula top ups but it goes with a stern warning called the top up trap, I would suggest you try and feed more often to up the supply and to get the milk filled cysts empty .Unfortunately after mastitis we do see a dip in the supply by topping up we are making it wore .The amount that you top up will decrease her sucking on you which in turn will tell the brain to decrease the production. I would rather try and express after a feed and top up with that which will increase your supply again.

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1 year 6 months ago #280186 by qiaraau
Hi! How are you now? Hope you're already fine. I salute you for still doing breastfeed though you have mastitis. It's fine to give formula sometimes as long as you're still giving your milk if you're feeling fine.

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