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I'm sure this recipe exists somewhere else but I tried this the other night and turned out amazing.

Ingredients for the pizza base:

-Oats 2 cups
-Cheese half a cup
-eggs 4 eggs
-Brown cooking paper

Yes that's all you need :)

I didn't really rely on measurements but rather I just worked the ingredients into each other until the consistency felt right.


To get started, throw 2 cups of oats into a blender until it turns into a fine powder, place your oats into a bowl and begin breaking your eggs into the oats.
Once eggs have been worked into your oats its time to add the cheese.
Work your cheese into the mix until you can hardly notice the cheese.

The mix viscosity should be similar to that of dough, except a lot more stickier. If its too runny add more cheese and oats, if its too dry add more egs.

Finally spread the mix over the brown cooking paper into your desired shape, its easier to place the mix in patches around the paper then work them flat towards each other.

Bake the mix in your oven for about 15 minutes at 200 degrees.

The pizza base should appear lightly brown when cooked. Now just add your pizza toppings and cook that pizza!:)

Let me know what you ladies think.

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