Panorama test done by a Moomie mom Featured

Michelle Ormerod, tells us about her experience regarding the Panorama test.

Michelle, 32 years old is due in September with her first baby.

How long did it take you to fall pregnant?

Three years (to the month), it happened naturally.

What is your wish for your baby?

To be happy, healthy and strong.

What interested you in the Panorama test?

That it could give us an almost 100% result of the facts.

How was the experience for you?

It was very easy. A nurse came to me and my doctors had the results before ten days.

It is a revolutionary test that is now being done in South Africa, how did you hear about it?

My doctor informed me about it as one of the options if we wanted to test further options. It was 100% safe for our baby, so we decided to go with it.

What did you go for - specifically what did you test for?

Our three month blood tests came back with a higher level for down syndrome. We still fall under low risk but the reading was slightly higher that what is considered no risk. Our doctors also tested for a few other things at the same time I can't remember off hand now.

Did your medical aid pay for it?

Our medical aid did pay for it because we had saved up a lot in our savings account over the years preparing for a baby. It took a lot longer than expected to conceive but we kept saving. We chose to use our savings because we had so much. But we still would of done the test and paid cash if we didn't have a lot of savings in our medical aid.

Would you recommend it to anyone else?

For peace of mind and to be prepaid definitely. I believe in pro-choice and it's great that there is a test available to let you know of what will come.

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