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3 years 2 months ago #272687 by NicolaF
Hi all :)

I joined this site last month but havent posted properly until now! We are trying for a 2017 baby god willing! I suffer from endometriosis though, this is 3rd month trying and unsuccessful so far. Unfortunately because we moved back from UK to south africa last year the medical aid we chose declared my endometriosis as an existing condition and gave me a 12 month waiting period! so 1 October is the earliest I could go for another laparoscopy, my first one was in November 2010 :( So I know nothing is going to happen until then, but I still feel so upset the day my period comes :( everyone keeps saying 'its only been 3 months give it time' but it is really hard NOT to feel disappointed!!! :( especially when i know the endo needs to be removed and that I have to wait so long until it can be done on medical aid :(

Does anyone know can i still fall pregnant in the next few months or is it unlikely until the endo is removed? If so then I kind of want to forget about it and just start trying again after my laparoscopy so I can avoid this monthly tears and disappointment.

Thank you in advance :) Praying for lots of 2017 babies!!! xxx

TTC #1 since March 2016
Me: 36yrs
DH: 38yrs
Endo Warrior
LAP #1 Nov 2010 (London),
LAP #2 Oct 2016 (CPT) - no endo found apparently - AWFUL gynae. Seeking second opinion
LAP #3 Aug 2017 (CPT) - 2nd opinion LAP with endo specialist - severe endo found left side & behind uterus. Removed by excision surgery
7x cycles Fertomid-Unsuccessful (June-Nov 2017, Jan-Feb 2018)
IUI #1 - March 2018 - unsuccessful
IUI #2 - July/August 2018 - unsuccessful
Praying for baby F to join us soon xxx

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2 years 1 month ago #277144 by Moomie Moderator
Hi Nicola.

How are you doing? Do you have some good news for us?

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4 months 2 weeks ago #280718 by Sunjana
Good Afternoon All Im from South Africa in a city called Durban

I'm a new to this forum and desperately searching for some answers. Heres my diagnosis
I have been diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis about 2 years ago I have been on the pill called Visanne.I haven't had a monthly for over a year now and i wasnt really suffering with any pains. 
I now at this stage of my life were i want to conceive I did make a visit to a fertility expert (Dr Hansen) he looked at me differently  when I had told him about my Endo stage and diagonis 
Ladies have you guys had any success stories?

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