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4 years 3 months ago #260758 by Moomie Admin
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Hi everyone

I realized yesterday after a friend said to me that maybe I don't know you all as well as I always like to think, that that is exactly right.

So hi. I am Jana. I created Moomie and this here what you have today has been my fourth baby for the past five years.

Since Moomie is so part of my everyday life, I tend to forget what it is all about. I liaise with people about Moomie but in a numbers kind of way. I used to be on the forum ALL.THE.TIME. I knew everyone's names, their stories, their troubles, the troublemakers, the peacemakers, you name it.

When I started Moomie, it was shortly after Nienke was born. I was on cloud nine, so in love with my baby and I knew it all. I mean, I had Moomie!

The group who came over from another forum that crashed, was amazing. Moomie started as us few July 2009 mommies, Marijke, Lagarbah, Binks, Charlene, Patricia, Cinds, Nadia, Vision, Marilu. (I will add the others once I remember). We became friends in real life. Amazing women and to this day I cannot thank Marijke enough for her selfless work of helping me admin this forum.

Since then, four years and 11 months has passed. I had Sion in 2011 and Neva in 2014. I am a mom of three kids under six, I run Moomie, as well as its social media, I write all of Moomie's Story Chest stories - and translate them, and am also a magazine editor by day.

It's not possible to buy time and it's the one thing I always need. So following threads on Moomie is not always possible for me. I am so sorry that I don't know you all. This here is my way of keeping in contact with you. I'd like to get to know you all. I cannot promise that I will always respond, but what I will promise, is to keep this "forum blog" updated.

This is me, communicating to you, sharing a bit of me and my family, with you. Which is extremely personal to me and really quite out of my comfort zone.

So please, come and say hi. Who are you?
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4 years 3 months ago #260855 by Moomie Admin
Replied by Moomie Admin on topic My journey
Hi everyone

I might be going back a bit in time but most of you are trying to conceive, or are pregnant with your first.

With my first baby I was doing things so differently than what I do now. I never ever give advice without being asked, since I think that can be quite unnerving to any mom, much less a first time mom.

Moomie has always been a space where moms can feel safe and I really do hope you do too. Do you feel this is a safe space still? If not, what can I do to make it safer for you?

It’s not Facebook, so random people cannot “like” or “comment” on your stuff. It’s mostly your own peer group, who has the same interest or same age children as you. And that’s what makes it so cool. You are going through the same things.

When I had Nienke, I was still a newspaper journalist. Covered horrific accidents, crime and hard news. My safe space was my baby but no-one I worked with really understood what that meant for me. Except one collegue who bonded with Nienke in utero by massaging my tummy on a regular basis. I couldn’t wait to get out of the office and home to my baby. I had a nanny at home looking after Nienke but even though Agnes is to this day amazing, Nienke cried every single time I left the room. She’s still like that. Sleeps next to me every night and she turns six already! Won’t play at a friend’s house if I am not there.

When I was pregnant with Sion, I couldn’t face it again. I couldn’t leave two children with the nanny while I look at blood and guts all day long. So I resigned. I took the biggest leap of faith, with the knowing that it will be taken care of.

It’s not for everyone, this working from home stuff. It’s difficult and chaotic and “organizational skills” have never been high up on my “achievements” list. But I can zone out. The kids can play in the play room – which incidently is my office! – and I can write a story or finish editing or reply to emails. Then I zone back in again and go feed one or help with a puzzle piece that’s missing or braid hair. By the way – WHY is there ALWAYS something missing? My todder is forever looking for “that little thing I had yesterday”. Like – what? What thing? I’ve never even heard of it!

Anyway, what is my point again... When I started Moomie, that’s what I wanted to create. I wanted to create a business so amazing, so great, that I can employ moms from all over South Africa to work for Moomie. As moderators, forum administrators, marketing, advertising, writers, content editors, you name it. So that all of us who wanted, has got the option to work from home – and be paid well. I didn’t keep in mind that I don’t live in the USA, so it took a while longer. I am still only “employing” Matt, the most amazing developer and best dad and husband anyone can possibly ask for (he is Rikki’s husband, from Sunshine Egg Donors, by the way).

BUT, I am still intending for it to happen. I have never forgotten that dream of mine. Life has happened many times in the last five years. Some times I could afford to pay a writer or two and other months Moomie just existed.

Tell me, what work do you do? If you had the choice, would you rather work from home as a freelancer? *Just out of interest.

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4 years 3 months ago #260856 by TanyaS
Replied by TanyaS on topic My journey
Wow! I really dont know how you do all of this and raise your babies :) hats off to you :)

I have changed from working full day to halfday so that I can be there for my 12 month old when I need to be, pay cut included, but its worth it.

Ewa attends nursery school which she really enjoys, but I would like to be there when she is old enough to start her dance classes etc, hence the halfday.

I would love to work for myself or freelance, but its difficult, as you mentioned as you need to make sure you still have a steady stream of guarenteed income

I am in the accounting field

I wish you all the luck to realise your dream!


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4 years 3 months ago #260859 by Moomie Admin
Replied by Moomie Admin on topic My journey
Hi Tanya, thank you for replying! What date was Ewa born? Neva was born on 3 April.

Half day is so much better! I try and work in the mornings but it doesn't always pan out that way. My afternoons are pretty much taken up with kids and cooking and what not.

But like today, I have a meeting at my "real job" (magazine editor) at 14:00. I don't like having things on so late in the day, throws the whole day out of sync.

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4 years 3 months ago #260862 by Zaza2011
Replied by Zaza2011 on topic My journey
Congrats on getting this far Jana, and I am sure as you always push ahead you will achieve your dreams.

I am mum to a mighty 3 going on 4 year old and preggies with baby number two.

I worked my entire life but after I had my daughter I knew my life's mission would be to have a freelance job and work from home to have more time for my child, I haven't found my calling as yet to achieve this, but I am still searching.

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4 years 3 months ago #260866 by TanyaS
Replied by TanyaS on topic My journey
She was born 2nd of may 2014

Yip halfday is great, I fetch her a bit later now from school, so it gives me a
Gap to start supper and tidy up :)

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4 years 3 months ago #260877 by StellaK
Replied by StellaK on topic My journey
so nice so hear a bit about you Jana.

i am Christél. mommy to a beautiful 13 month old boy (born 8 April 2014) and 7 months pregnant with another boy (due mid Aug)
really looking forward to having a newborn again, even though the first few months might be hectic with 2 small babies - they will differ 16 months.

i am working full time and would really love a half day job, but that is not really possible in the construction industry

currently renovating our new house so still have to move sometime before baby will be born - not looking forward to the move, but going to love the bigger house

me 35, DH 39

TTC #1 since Oct 2012
March 2013 BFP, May 2013 MC at 10 weeks (Blighted Ovum)
6 Aug 2013 BFP, Gerhard gebore 8 April 2014
[link=] [/link]

#2 BFP 3 Jan, Franswa gebore 8 Aug 2015
[link=] [/link]

#3 TTC from Apr 2018
MC Oct 2018
BFP 23 Nov 2018
[link=] [/link]

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