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3 years 7 months ago - 3 years 7 months ago #272581 by pillpusher
Hi all

I experienced my first full on mommy judgement the other day (for giving my 8 month old Flings). The judging mom has made numerous decisions for her child that I have strongly disagreed with, but have not called her out or publicly shamed her. And I got to thinking about some of the more pathetic things that moms (or parents) have experienced judgement for and am looking for stories to use to compile a blog post on this topic.

If you could please post your stories here or feel free to email them to me: if you'd be more comfortable. I don't plan on naming anyone, although I might say something like "Janine from Durban said..." but if you'd prefer to remain completely anonymous as far as my article is concerned then that is 100%.

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3 years 7 months ago #272606 by Moomie Admin
I'm trying to remember, because I am certain there must have been many. But can't think of anything now.

Yes, the fact that I breastfed my children to 14, 14 and 18 months (it's not even that long! :dry: ), that I only started giving Neva any other food at 8 months (she is my third and I knew she'd start eating when she wanted to), that I didn't put my children on a bottle ever, that my children still sleep in my bed, that I won't let them sleep over at their grandparents (who live 1000km's away, I have to add!) etc.

I guess I haven't really had SHAMING as much as a lot of judgement but I am now at a stage where I really couldn't care what anybody thought, said or judges me about.

You should write the article for Moomie maybe! :)

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