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6 years 1 month ago #244564 by Moomie Admin
I am quite upset. I went to the dr yesterday after I had pains in lower abdomen and back.

What he did, was touch my stomach, ask if it hurt and said he suspects I have amniotic fluid infection. He then did a scan and said baby is fine but wrote me antibiotics and stuff for pain. The sister then did a urine test after all this.

A year ago I might have taken the prescription and blindy drank the antibiotics and get it over and done with. But not anymore. I think it's time to ask questions and to not accept it anymore.

The background, which he did not ask me about, was this: I had pubis dysfunction with my first pregnancy. Quite bad. I had braxton hicks with second pregnancy, quite hectic,throughout pregnancy. Both pregnancies were very healthy.

On Sunday morning I moved a very heavy pot with a rolling action in our garden (dumb, I know). After that I spent the WHOLE day sitting in front of my computer with Moomie upgrade. Monday morning I parked across the road from Pick n Pay, carried Sion and the heavy packets with water and juice in across the road and could feel strain on pubic bone. I then walked with Sion with the pram around the block.

So it's just natural that my back would hurt from the pot and my font would hurt from the carrying too heavy stuff! I just came from my chiro and I am FINE.

This makes me question what to do when my child or I get sick? Where do you go to? Because it feels like health care professionals, even though you have a long history and relationship with them, do not respect you most of the time. I did not feel respected yesterday. My GP knows how I feel about antibiotics (it's an amazing intervention when in a life-threatening situation - only my take on it) and knows that I am working on my immunity.

This followed a visit four weeks ago when he prescribed antibiotics for a sinus infection, which cleared before I even contemplated getting the prescription from the pharmacy.

Long story but I just had to get it off my chest.

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6 years 1 month ago #244565 by Huggles
Replied by Huggles on topic Lost confidence in GP
I lost confidence in our GP when she confirmed my suspicions in January, that Logan had a viral infection, and still sent me away with a script for antibiotics "just in case".
She did a similar thing in december when I took him for tonsillitis. He'd been vomiting like mad and had a fever. She said his tonsils were red and inflamed so gave me antibiotics. From what I learnt you very rarely need antibiotics for tonsillitis as it's usually viral. White spots however can indicate bacterial, so i asked her if there were any white spots and if the antibiotics were really necessary. She said no, there weren't, but she wouldn't take the chance and there probably would be by the next day! So because of him vomiting i panicked and gave the antibiotics. Turns out the vomiting was due to the fever. As soon as the fever came down (due to a suppository) the vomiting stopped, but by then i'd already started the abx so i continued. In january though i said thanks very much and took the script home and never bothered filling it. Every fibre of my being said he just had a viral infection and i stuck with that (i did loads of my own research too). Exactly as google had said his fever broke around day 5 and he was totally fine.

2012 he received TEN courses of antibiotics.
2013 he received NONE!

I've just stopped taking him to the doctor. Most of the time I just self-treat. Once or twice I took him to a homeopath. If I feel he's ill enough to need more than I can offer though I would either take him straight to a homeopath, or go to a GP, listen to their diagnosis, and then decide what to do (in my head I will only go to the homeopath, but I do know from past experience when they're ill enough to warrant a dr you panic and go for what you know).

I've started feeling like gp's these days don't really understand how to be doctors anymore. They only know how to write scripts for antibiotics. And that's really sad.

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6 years 1 month ago #244570 by Ankie
Replied by Ankie on topic Lost confidence in GP
I try to keep my kids away from the GP.

For my daughter's 1 year check up, I let the pead check her nail. (Dont go to that pead anymore.) He made an incorrect diagnose, prescribed some meds. We were hesitant so we wanted a second opinion from our GP, who confirmed the diagnose (still being incorrect), and on top of it prescribed antibiotics because the finger is swollen, therefore bacterial infection, therefore need for antibiotics. After the course the swelling did not go down.

Then there was all the times Hubby goes to the GP (different GP) to get a sick note, and comes home with a prescription for antibiotics. I catch the bug too, but since I do not need to go into work sit it out, and get over it fine.

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6 years 1 month ago #244580 by gloeiwurmpie
Replied by gloeiwurmpie on topic Lost confidence in GP
I have to agree that antibiotics are being overprescribed at a shocking rate. Sad how this is causing a major world wide problem that life threatening diseases are not responding to antibiotics anymore.

I think you do get good GP's that will not prescribe antibiotics without good reason (I know a few). I know they are harder to find, but they do exist. I agree if you sense a GP is over prescribing - move on! I see you get more and more integrated doctors who have completed both their doctor's degree combined with that sounds like the perfect mix to me!

Deja, hope you are feeling better!
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6 years 1 month ago #244582 by Moomie Admin
Replied by Moomie Admin on topic Lost confidence in GP
I feel wonderful, thanks Gloei! Baby is also dancing and moving like crazy. I'm going for a very mild walk now just to keep my joints moving. :-)

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