file Complete Newbie With Questions - IVF, ICSI, PESA

1 year 1 month ago #280584 by mikkyr
Hi All
Hoping someone can answer some questions from personal experience and before we go for our appointment with the Doc.

Husband has had a vasectomy so I believe our two options are reversal or ICSI with sperm extraction. I am 40 so I dont think we have time for the reversal route and husband not so keen on the procedure.
So my questions:
1. Anybodys husband had sperm extraction (PESA) ? Whats the experience like? Painful? Recovery?
2. I havent had any children myself so my fertility is unknown but lets presume all is in good order. Is the medication ie injections etc any less extreme or complicated than if female fertility was the reason for us persuing this route.

Sure you can see that we are both as nervous of the physical implications of going this route! And need our nerves calmed down.


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