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2 years 11 months ago #273686 by BellasMom
I am hoping to get some feedback from moms who went straight to bottle feeding in hospital when their babies were born. I am only 9 weeks pregnant now but I am already getting anxiety over this issue.

With my first baby, I tried to breastfeed in hospital. I have super small boobs and they never felt sore during pregnancy, they always just seemed the same to me. When my baby was born, she would drink, but fall asleep quickly, and then want to drink like every 20 minutes. I was sure that nothing was coming out, but nobody believed me. By the second day, her blood sugar had fallen to dangerous levels, most likely from not getting much to eat. They had to give her emergency top ups to get her sugar levels up again. I stopped breast feeding a week later, and I have never been sorry about it.

However, as I know how people are in hospital - they are very pro breastfeeding, even if they say they wont force you - I am extremely worried about what I am going to do with my second baby. I have no desire to go through that again. I am not against trying to get baby to at least get the colostrum in, BUT I want to then do top ups as well (I dont even need the top ups to be in the cups, I would prefer a bottle). Does anybody know if this can be done? Has anybody done it this way?

I am not interested in negative comments or people trying to convince me that breast is best, or that every mom can breastfeed. What is best is that my baby gets fed. I would also prefer to be a happy mom, not a stressed out one. Hoping to get some feedback on this....or at least suggestions on how to go about it.

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2 years 11 months ago #273687 by Twinkle
Replied by Twinkle on topic Bottle feeding in hospital
hi BellasMom , hoop nie jy gee om dat ek in afrikaans gaan antwoord nie. Ek het dadelik met beide my kinders begin met die bottel. Ek kon van die begin af glad nie borsvoed nie en het dit ook vermoed dus het ek bottels en sterliseerder saam gevat hospitaal toe. Met my eerste baba het ek gewag dat die pediater se watse melk ons moet gaan koop maar met die tweede een het ek sommer n klein blikkie melk saam gevat aan gesien ek besluit het om hom op dieselfde melk te sit as die eerste een. Niemand het aan my gekarring nie inet my eeste baba het hulle gese probeer waarna ek net gese het ek kan nie en dit is dit ek het gese hulle moet kyk ek het bottels gebring. Ek moes n vorm teken wat se ek gaan nie borsvoed nie en dat dit n bottel baba is. NIemand het verder gekarring of geniks nie.

Ek is ook nie eendag spyt nie Ja almal se bors babas is gesonder en en en EK kan absoluut niks fout vind met my kinders se gesondheid nie. OUdste een is nou so 14 maand en het nou vir die eerste keer verkoue. Voor dit het hy een keer oor ontsteking gehad verder NIKS.

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2 years 11 months ago #273689 by Moomie Admin
I always found hospitals to be quite pro top up. I am sure if you tell your doctor your wishes that he/she will support you. Maybe discuss it now already so that you know you are supported and that no one will go against your wishes or try and force something on you that stresses you out.

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