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Hi Gain-a-baby. My biggest fall back a few years ago was trying to do the minimum amount of exercise I could get away with.
When I was young i used to love being active especially swimming but after my first child I found i started finding every excuse under the sun to not work out, the kgs just started piling on. Its strange how life slowly takes over until one day we stand infornt of the mirror and tell ourselves how the hell did I let myself get like this.

We all tell ourselves we will always be that will look after ourselves no matter how old we get, but it happens so subtle and slowly that we dont realize it until its too late.

So what did I do?

I refused to go up another size lol, I would use my clothes as a gauge to know if i need to train harder or eat healthier. We need to stop using the excuse that our tumble driers has shrunk our clothes and we need to accept the reality..and then work our buts off to make sure we stay the same size.

Thats exactly what I did, i began working my but off, i decided to make no more excuses!

Another huuge tip I can give you is get a personal trainer! Don't try do it yourself, you need that extra bit of motivtion to be forced to go to the gym. Plus I find the biggest that puts me off from going to the gym is not knowing what to do, there are people who spend their lives studying training..they are called personal trainers:) leave that worry to them so all you have to do is get your butt to the gym.

Hope this was helpful.


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