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6 years 2 days ago #241025 by liezleb
My lb is 12 months, he has started head butting me or anything else he can. He even hits his head on the floor or against the wall. I cannot remember if my other 2 did it, is it normal tantrum behaviour.

Put on your Big girl panties and deal with it!

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6 years 1 day ago #241037 by Moomie Admin
Hi Liezleb

My son also did this a few times. I found it was when his teeth was really bothering him. Sort of out of frustration. It didn't last long. Good luck!

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5 years 11 months ago #241603 by Schatsie
My son has done the headbutting thing in 2 ways/situations - one seems to be a game, when he is sitting with me playing, he headbutts me. He seems to think it is very funny, but damn, I think he cracked my nose a few times already.

The other were a few times when he was throwing a major tantrum, he would headbutt the floor - and did it so hard that he even had a red mark and a bump.

I have read that a lot of headbutting can be a sign of autism, but he has subsequently been to a neurologist and psychologist (related to his speech development not the headbutting) and they have both confirmed that he is definitely not autistic.

The neurologist however put him on Risperdal to help with his sleeping and concentration problems and it has helped a LOT with his tantrums and the headbutting is history now too. (They say kids with speech development issues get more frustrated because they know what they want to say but can't express themselves and therefore they throw more tantrums than other kids).

I hope some of this info helps you in some way!

[link=] [/link]

[link=] [/link]

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5 years 9 months ago #244500 by Stilettomum
My daughter is 4 and still headbuds, but just me - it use to be a big thing where she would do it to any one. but as she got older (just over a year) i made her stop doing it by telling people to not get close to her face.

Its now a game between the two of us and she often tells me "mamma ek het klippe in my kop"

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