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8 years 6 days ago #214022 by msbimbo
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I was diagnosed with endometriosis my gynie injected me with Zoladex to treat the endometriosis. We also found out that my left tube is closed. Will I still be able to get pregnant after all this?

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8 years 6 days ago - 8 years 6 days ago #214028 by julz
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Hi Msbimbo

I have endometriosis so I feel for you.

I just read up on this injection. It suppresses estrogen so it would minimise further endometriosis and help your symptoms. I am not sure how this would impact on your fertility. It suppreses other hormones that are important for pregnancy.

Just a question. Did you tell the doctor that you wish to have children? Sometimes the tricky part of endo is that while you have medication to treat it you wouldn't be able to fall pregnant so it really is a catch 22 situation. Without the meds, the endo can do more harm.

I saw a fertitlity specialist after a lap to diagnose endo. He did a further laparascopic surgery to actuallly cut as much of the endo out that he could. At the time I had treatment purely for the pain, but we were thinking about starting a family so we tried straight away rather. I had severe adhsions and my ovaries were stuck to my uterus in a tight ball. Luckily my tubes were okay. I was then told that the sooner I fall pregnant after the surgery the better as with each month that you have a cycle, the endo could cause harm.

Surgery is pretty good if done by a very experienced surgeon, however they may leave small traces of endo behind as you can't always make out endo and this will then continue to bleed once you stop all medication to fall pregnant.

Ideally your question should be answered by your doctor. If the endo is treated and severe endo is usually treated with surgery there may still be a fertility problem, but the specialists are exceptionally good now and they can even operate on tubes to try to open them.

I guess to sum up what I am trying to say is that if your endo is properly treated by an experienced specialist your chances are better. Speak to your gynae about what the impact of taking this medication will be on your fertility. If you want a family and have not told your gynae then you need to do it now. He needs to know what your plans are too so that he can best treat your endo.

Mom of Dylan and Partner to Joerg. We live in the Beautiful Pringle Bay which is along the Whale coast, Cape.

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