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8 years 9 months ago #149308 by Ladybird
Replied by Ladybird on topic General question
PS I also drink lots of water, about 1.5 litres a day. I've always done so... :(

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8 years 9 months ago - 8 years 9 months ago #149339 by gloeiwurmpie
Replied by gloeiwurmpie on topic General question
You have a perfect understanding of how to follow a sensible diet.
Clearly its not that or the lack of exercise.

If you are still at a deadlock, I would suggest going to doctor that spesifically deals with weight loss. Here in Gauteng we have slimming salons with medical doctors.

It will probably be pricey and they will do lots of tests...:(

I hope the resident specialist surgeon might be of more help, since I would also like to know where this sudden "weight war" comes from after having a child.

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8 years 9 months ago #149368 by Moomie Admin
Replied by Moomie Admin on topic General question
Lady, I feel EXACTLY like you! My body is obviously happy at this weight but I am not and herein lies the problem. I think you, like me, want to effortlessly be 50 kg,s again. I feel uncomfortable and plainly fat at 56 (ok, 57 if I'm honest). I don't try very hard though and am going on a restricted carbs diet tomorrow and will see if I can lose at least 2kg and try and keep it off. It's just such HARD work!

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8 years 9 months ago #149754 by GirlyBlocked
Replied by GirlyBlocked on topic General question
Hello beautiful people!

So ladybird you definitely seem to think that maybe something medical or hormonal is causing you to not be able to lose the last few kilos / causing your metabolism to slow down?

What tests did your doc perform? Only thyroid?
If its hormonal maybe your gynae an also help you try eliminate other issues?

Are you on a pill / injection? Those things can be nasty!
But also things like insulin intake issues / diabetes could effect your weight too?

When I was on Weight Watchers (I was 21) I went from 68kgs down to 50.5kgs in 9 months. I had a BMI of 18!!!
So now - 8 years later and one baby later, I am weighing 94 :(
Lets just say life got too busy, I stopped gyming, I stress eat and eat out of boredom and I have this feeling I have a bit of an eating problem. So number of factors got me to this weight. Sad hey!
Anyway, so I'm back on weight watchers now and my goal is to get down to 60-65kgs. It'll bring my BMI to between 22 and 23.9.
And for me - turning 30 this year, one baby born and hopefully ttc for #2 in early 2012 - this will just have to do!

But I get what you're saying.
Remember that if you're exercising more now than you were before, if you are doing weights you are also building muscle and muscle is heavier than fat. Maybe you could aim for becoming toned rather than losing the extra 5kilo's?
Perhaps consulting a professional trainer who is educated to know what exercises increase your metabolism better than others. I've heard that weights training prior to cardio work is a great way of getting your metabolism going during a work out?

But dont be too hard on yourself. Stay within your recommended BMI (19 is on the thin side of healthy) and you're doing loads better than the majority of us!

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8 years 9 months ago #149765 by Reluc.t.ant M.o.m
Replied by Reluc.t.ant M.o.m on topic General question
Hey Ladybird - I am going to comment on your initial comment and not on the thread.

Gaining weight is really one of two things 1. Because of medical issues/medication intake or 2. Because we put in more food/calories than our body is able to burn.

When all is said and done, that is pretty much it (also forgiving me for the lack of medical terminology.)

Having a baby does affect us on the hormonal level - so the result there is that because our hormones might slow our body down, or what ever, we should adjust our diets.

Once we have had a baby, often we are still dealing with hormonal issues, added psychological issues, a severely altered lifestyle, possibly not as much time to eat the way we did, and possibly not as much time to burn off the food we eat.

As we get older, as life starts to slow us down, as our arse spreads, we need to be stricter about what goes on and stricter about how much energy we expend.

If you really feel that you have a "problem" - keep an accurate food diary of everything you eat and drink.

You will be suprised when you write it down how much actually goes in - maybe not in quantity, but you may be eating cheese, and drinking full cream milk with your coffee, and having 6 cups a day - it adds up.

After 2 weeks make an appointment with a dietician to look over your book and to assist you in designing a meal plan (not a diet) to suit your lifestyle and also to assist you reaching some of your (weight) goals.

I have begun to accept that I will never never be my weight before I fell pregnant the first time (55kg) - it is never going to happen. I am a different person now, and I live a different life.

But I must confess that when I follow the Weight Watchers principles and get my arse into gear and run or go to Adventure Boot Camp, I feel a million times better. I might not lose a ton of weight, but I am more toned, am slimmer where it counts, and also feel a lot better about myself.

But ....
now I am going to finish my delicious glass of wine, and then crack open my 200g bar of chocolate caramel I bought earlier as I lounge on my bed and watch Crime Investigation channel - have a good night xx

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What makes me smile ...

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I have a letter from my pdoc to say I am insane, so tread lightly with me, some days I can be a total bitch. I'm lying. Most days I am a total bitch.

I abhor smiley face icons. Just saying.

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8 years 9 months ago #150281 by DocJuan
Replied by DocJuan on topic General question
The human race and its everlasting battle with the bulge. As promised in my first reply to a question on hyperthyroidism and will keep this reply a bit shorter.

There are no miracle cures, no easy way out, no easy explanations. From a scientific and surgical point of view, though, there are some hard truths to stare in the face.

Losing weight, and maintaining this loss, is extermely difficult in our modern lives. We simply don't have the time to put in the exercise schedules required to be universally successful. Very few people are even aware of how many calories they need to burn, just to lose a few grams. There is an abudnance of research that now conclusively prove that regular (3 to 4 times a week) of moderate exercise will help you lose some weight, but it is much more successful at maintaining weight than at causing loss of weight. Regular exercise is good for you and certainly required, but unless you do it at preofessional athlete levels, it is not going to be the miracle you want it to be. Herein lies the reason why so many quit their exercise programs. Don't quit. Recognise it for its true value and continue and enjoy it!

On the other side of the coin is the BIG problem. Calorie intake. It is just so easy to take in calories. It is all around you. You need only strecth your arm and thousands of calories are within reach. And this is exactely where we fool ourselves.

Most people observed continuously (during research) with regard to their food intake over a period are amazed at what they eat when confronted with the ugly, hard truth. The great tendency is to cheat, cheat and cheat and somehow forget all about it, even deny it all together. It is interesting to note that we are so easily fooled. When research participants are shown two exact hamburgers, but one is accompanied by so-called healthy foods, such as celery sticks, the calorie count of this burger will be estimated at less than two-thirds of the calorie count of the (exact same) burger without the accompanying health-food.

Bar a very few specific medical conditions, the cause of your overweight condition is the fact that your calorie intake is more than you burn. Look in the mirror and accept it!

This problem is not solved overnight. Nor will its resolution ever be able to fool the laws of this universe. Over a sustained period (read years, not months, not weeks) you (and by that I mean all of us) need to change our lives.

The first step always remains to be honest with yourself. You (again I mean all of us) are not unique. Your case is not special. You are not this honourable human being, religiously sticking to reduced calorie intake, but somehow being singled out by the universe to transcend the laws of physics and magically acrue weight without ever taking it in as calories. Fat does not appear out of this air (or lettuce).

By now, even I am depressed. Alas, there is some good news. There are many support programs, choices of eating habits, and eventually even surgery, to help us all reach and maintain our goals. (Please note, that by surgery I personally exclude invasive weight loss surgery. If any of you have had invasive surgical procedures and it has worked for you, that's good and well. I do not support these procedures and restrict my practice to less invasive procedures. We can certainly discuss these later.)

Feel free to ask me about any program or plan you may be following and I will try my best to respond.


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8 years 9 months ago #150290 by julz
Replied by julz on topic General question
I have a question with regards to eating. I have heath issues including stomach, hormone, Ic etc. I struggle to eat anything other than bread. All I can manage is a sarmie really.

Bascially as long as I don't eat or pretty much eat only bread I feel okay, but if I eat regular food I get really nauseous. I had a lap nissen done for severe reflux which certainly controls the amount of food you can eat or at least reminds you that you can't eat alot after having done so.

With all the health issues you can understand that I have many specialists. Which one would be the best to chat to. I have a surgeon who does biopsies to keep an eye on the Barretts. Should I see him?

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