file how to handle negative statements/emtions

8 years 2 months ago #214662 by gloeiwurmpie
Hi Antjie!

Good to have you back!

Thanks for your reply, I am sure a lot of moms will find it useful.

I like the idea of getting her involved in the problem solving as I believe this is a better strategy than just getting your child to stop with the imediate inapropriate behaviour through behaviour modifiation, either the "stick" or the "carrot". Unless the behaviour is setting the dog's tail alight!! :silly:

I think I couldn't agree with you more on the importance of good boundaries. I have recently read "boundaries" and I have realised that most of the things that went wrong in my own family and life had to do with my inability to set good boundaries.

Thanks again for your reply.

ps: Things are going better, although she still tells us regularly (in a calm way with please thrown into the mix) to go away. I think she uses it more as a "blanket term" for "stop what you are doing and let me be or don't interfere with my bussiness. I can see that she uses it as a thing of trying to express her wishes and it is a good thing that she does that. We just need to "streamline" it a bit more to take other people in consideration as well, but that will come with time...

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8 years 2 months ago #214664 by Antjie

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