file Please recommend me a good gynae in Durban

2 months 1 week ago #280701 by Kate10
 I’m 13 weeks pregnant and would be having my baby in Durban (private hospital) not sure which hospital as I am desperate to find a good gynae. Anyone please help.  But don’t tell me about dr sergie Naidu from Kingsway hospital because when I was in SA last year and I went to him because we were planning on having a baby he actually lied to me and told  me I have severe endemetriosos and needed urgent surgery he was trying to make easy cash off me because my husband and I work overseas, when I came back overseas I had a second opinion and my gynae here had a look at the blood tests results from Dr s Naidu and my gynae here did a scan all of which showed I had no endometriosis at all, and I’m now 13 weeks pregnant, naturally! 

So ladies please refer me to a good gynae in Durban at private hospitals.

Thank you ,

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