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1 year 8 months ago #278874 by Cinda.0502
Hi everyone, im so happy i found this forum. Hope someone can give me some advice or at least put my mind at ease. Im currently almost 29 weeks pregnant with my second child giving birth in Feb 2018. With my first son 10 years ago i was on medical aid so i didnt have any issues or stress regarding giving birth.
With baby nr 2 im not on medical aid and im stressing a bit as i dont have a choice but to give birth at a government hospital since its sooo expensive to gove birth at a private hospital.

My question is: Does anyone on the forum have any recommendations on what government hospital is the best one to gove birth at? I know people's experiences differ from one to another. Ive heard not so nice stuff about Kalafong as well as Steve Biko. I dont know how true this is since ive never been to any hospital here in gauteng. If i was still in the Eastern Cape i wouldve felt more at ease since i know some of the government hospitals there.

I would really appreciate any feedback on this topic. Im in Centurion so i assume i will have to go to the nearest hospital which is Kalafong, but i reaalllyyy dont want to go there..ive been seeing a gynae at unitas throughout my pregnancy but i guess i will have to go to a clinic soon if i want to give birth at a government hospital.

Last question. Has anyone gave birth at Tshwane District Hospital recently? I read somewhere that they renovated the maternity ward. I just dont know how their service is. This is a mouth full but im stressing a bit so any feedback would be appreciated.

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1 year 7 months ago #279105 by Viamommy
Hi I gave birth at Steve Biko last year. You will have to go to Tshwane District Hospital first, Steve Biko only take in emergency or critical cases. I had a failed induction from Tshwane District Hospital so they had to send me to Steve Biko and o later had a CS because I wasn’t fully dilated.

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6 months 3 days ago #280689 by Lihle1234
hello Everyone i am currently faced with the situation of giving birth in a government Hospital because i cancelled my medical aid now i have to wait 12 months till i benefit from any hospital plan. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best government hospital to go to in Pretoria  and when i should start going to a public clinic? Are the certain steps one should do get the best service and to make sure everything goes smooth

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