20 weeks pregnant – what to expect

At 20 weeks pregnant, you are glowing already. It’s the half-way mark. Read more what to expect.

How are you feeling?

You are getting heavier and will put on weight consistently. Some of your clothes may really not be working for you anymore, so invest in unobtrusive clothing, flowing dresses are the best. Your feet can also start to swell up, so it is a great excuse to buy yourself some proper comfortable shoes.


What to expect?

This is the time when you might start feeling baba’s kicks for the first time! Initially it might feel like butterfly wings fluttering about. Until one day, you’ll get a proper little kick, and you’ll know, that’s your baby stretching there, saying hello, how are you… HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIIIIDE! The best of times lie ahead now. Where you will start communicating with this tiny little human in your tummy in your own special way. A few pokes here, a few kicks there – pure magic.

Where is baby at?

Your baby’s organs are all there and maturing at a rapid speed. If it’s a girl, she already has her 7 million eggs deep inside her ovaries. How amazing is that! However, they do diminish to about 2 million around the time she is born. A lucky few parents to be can win the jackpot with actually seeing the sex of their baby. The others must still wait a little longer, unfortunately. In the meantime, you have a banana now! That is the current size of your baby, weighing around 300 g.

What should I be doing?

Hopefully by now you have found out the sex of your baby, so it’s decorating time! Start so long, and do not put it off, because later on you will not have the energy to do it, and before you realize what is even happening, you’re having a baby in your arms. So enjoy this very special time while you still can, shopping for linen and decorating items for your nursery. If you’re a couple that wants to decide on the baby’s name beforehand, then start doing some research and make a note of names you fancy. It is a fun evening activity to yay or nay names both of you came up with during the day.

Tips to live by:

· Be on the lookout for a childbirth class. It helps immensely with nerves you might be having (not least your partner’s!). It is also a good way to meet other expecting parents and friendships made here can last all through the children’s toddlerhood and beyond.

· A hypnobirthing class is a brilliant way to calm you and your partner and to get you really excited for the birth ahead.

· You are at the halfway mark, congratulations! The last 20 weeks will fly by in a flash, enjoy every moment and take lots of pictures as your baby bump gets bigger. – Jana Cloete


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