12 weeks pregnant – what to expect

You are at the three month mark. For the most part, you are now considered to be in the “safe” zone.

How are you feeling?

Rejoice! The not so lekker part is over! Things will only improve from now on. If you have been suffering from morning sickness, it should start disappearing right about now. Usually, this is also the time that expecting parents decide to tell the world their wonderful news.


What to expect?

Your energy levels will be improving and this is a good time to get an exercise routine established if you haven’t already. Your appetite will start increasing as the nausea subsides, so stock up on fresh and healthy food, to sustain both you and your growing baby. Some pregnant women might still not LOOK pregnant, while others are already sporting a little baby bump, it really just depends on the individual. All in good time.

Where is baby at?

Congratulations, you now have a fetus! A tiny little baby about 6 cm long and weighing around 15 g. Can you imagine, so tiny, and already his eyes and ears are fully formed. Astonishing! She can also grab onto objects with her tiny fingers – usually the fingers of the other hand.
Your baby is the size of a lime at this stage. Time to get the salt and tequila!
Oh no, wait. Wrong party. Not to worry, your party now is the best party you’ll ever have – having your child in your life, your very own little girl or boy!

What should I be doing?

Taking care of yourself! No crazy things. Get enough sleep and rest. Drink lots of water. Eat regularly. Go for walks. And sit down with your partner and have the Budget Talk. Some big expenses are looming in the not too distant future, and look into where you can cut on your budget to save some funds for later on. Perhaps even open a joint bank account for all the baby expenses to which both of you contribute (if your situation allows it). And buy a pack of nappies every time you go to the grocery store. You will be so happy you did once baby has arrived.

Tips to live by

• You’ll notice that you’ll start going less and less to the ladies room. Yay, the burning need has subsided! Enjoy this freedom, in a few months all this toilet madness will return, in full force.


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